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VBS 2017 Wednesday (Part 2) - The Helmet of Salvation

The last, but most important, piece of armor in the Lord's Army that we learn about tonight is the Helmet of Salvation. We see the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8:26-40, and how he was baptized into Christ for salvation.
Join us as we learn about the Shield of Faith and how it is to be used in the Lord's Army. To help learn about the Shield of Faith, we will be studying the story of the Centurion's servant from Matthew 8:5-13
Tonight we learn about the Breastplate of Righteousness and the Sword of the Spirit and how Jesus used both of these when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11).
Welcome back to Boot Camp, recruits! As we continue learning about the weapons we use to serve in the Lord's Army, tonight we will be talking about what it means to have prepared feet. We are studying the parable of the bridesmaids found in Matthew 25:1-13.
Welcome to Boot Camp! This week we will be learning about the weapons that we can use to fight the devil. Tonight we will be meeting our recruits and learning about the Belt of Truth. We are studying the story of the Samaritan woman found in John 4:1-26.
Wednesday night's skit: The Scarecrow gets wisdom, the Tin Man gets a heart, the Cowardly Lion gets courage, and Dorothy gets to go home. We also see Elijah go "home" in a chariot of fire.
Tuesday night's skit: Dorothy meets the Lion and the story of Esther saving her people from Haman.
Monday night's skit:The story of Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus.
Sunday night's skit: Dorothy meets the Scarecrow and the story of King Solomon asking for wisdom.
Video clip of Jesus calming the storm from VBS 2009 - WVBS Action News.
Intro video from VBS 2009 - WVBS Action News.